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San Jose Bike Polo

aka the Tennis Court Reclaimation Committte

lol what?

Where how do I get there?

We usually play at "SharkPark" (the multi-use courts across the Guadalupe River from the SAP center, so between SAP center and the 87 along Santa Clara street).

If you need to drive a car, you can sneak a prius around the side of the south gate on the right side up on the sidewalk, but be careful. Or, you know, actually ride your damn bike.

What is bike polo?

A really dumb game that is totally fun. I mean it's absurd, but the way the bicycles circle around and paths fold and branch out, it's the next best thing from bombing down through traffic on 5th ave manhattan - and a lot safer. Also a good excuse to break bikes, fix bikes, and hang out.

...but why?

lol i dunno its fun

Who is bike polo for?

Bike polo people tend to be pretty open to anyone who wants to show up, shout, criticize, participate, exalt, educate, pontificate, whatever. Just don't be an asshole. Pretty open to just about anyone, except nazis. No nazis, no ethno-nationalists, no eugenicists, no transphobes, no racists. None of that.

What do I need for polo?

If you're new, get in contact with us and we can bring a loaner bike and mallet. Contact how? Not a problem. Usually we'll bring an extra just in case.

If you're playing a lot, you'll probably want to get your own though.. Although some folks will try to sell you or sell you on fancy gear, and the fancy gear is nice, you can have a lot of fun on a moutain bike or something. Pick something with a good brake and a low gear. You gotta make sure it's safe as possible, so no exposed disk brakes or single gears without chains on them. No extraneous sharp bits, big chainrings should be covered up. You'll also need a mallet. You can buy those online, or make one from a ski pole, 2" gas pipe, a hex nut, and a long hex bolt with a low/recessed head. We'll show you how.